Hello! I’m Álex, a Software Engineer from Spain.

Nowdays, I work helping to find new treatments for rare diseases at Healx an AI-driven company based in Cambridge. Previously, I worked in Taiga.io , I founded Initios , a software company, and co-founded Parkapp , among other things.

I love Python language and the community around it, I had a broad experience in I.T projects, and I’m also a computer security enthusiast. I like to work as a team facilitator.

One of the most valuable thing for achieving goals is communication, so I am a Agile manifesto fan:

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.”

I love learning and improving my skills every day. I collaborate on local development groups inside VigoTech , an active member in A Industriosa and I’m one of the organizers of Python Vigo and PyDay Galicia .